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Gijón, October 27-28

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18 Nov 2008 Material from the Conferences

Most of the presentations are available, linked from the programme section. There, audio and slides from the Fundamentos' talks can be found. Also,  there are pictures in the multimedia section.

27 Oct 2008 It Has Started

This morning has been launched the forth release. During these two days, the 'Fundamentos Web 2008' brings together tree hundred specialists from different countries.

15 Oct 2008 Seize Social Media and Squeeze Them

Carlos Guadián, focused on Strategic Innovation for Public Administration, is an expert in on-line communication, and web 2.0. He will talk about the need to take the opportunity of Social Media in his presentation on Marketing 2.0, called "Administraciones Públicas y Empresas en la era de los Social Media".

14 Oct 2008 ..and the Winners Are...

Now, the list of the winners is available. The drawings among the registered participants of the Fundamentos Web Quiz have been held, and the invitations for the event go to: Raúl, Ratatui, Tyrapa, Rosario, Meteo, machin, Noel Martín, Carlos, Olga Revilla, Guille_, elclerigo y Manuel Martínez.

Furthermore, 10 official T-shirts have been randomly shared out among the participants. The T-shirts winners are: fluid, fsdhg, Gonzalo, balsei, char, Guille_, House, Astrolabio, peter_grifin y Rubén Lozano.

Thanks for your participation, and congratulations to the winners.

6 Oct 2008 Fundamentos Free Tickets

Now, you may get a free ticket for the event if you are a winner of the Quiz game. 12 invitations will be given after a draw, which will be held on 13th October.

Play now!

2 Oct 2008 Now, You don't Have to Choose between JJ Garret and Eric Fain

Following your suggestions, we have decided to change the first day's schedule (without modifying the starting time) in order to allow you to attend all the talks. Now, you won't have to choose between the Jesse James Garrett's talk and Eric Fain's one, you will have both of them. See the updated programme.

23 Sep 2008 What do You Know about W3C and its Standards?

Fundamentos Web 2008 T-Shirt Now, you can show us all that you know about W3C and Web standards. We have prepared a Quiz (questions and answers game) with the main topic as W3C and its standards. Everyone may play. If you get the minimum score, you will be able to take part in a draw of 10 Fundamentos' exclusive T-shirts.

Play now!

22 Sep 2008 What do you want to know about Unobtrusive Ajax?

Peter-Paul Koch (ppk) will give the development workshop titled Unobtrusive Ajax in a Real-World. PPK will show the problems and find the solutions for developments using Ajax. He will be focussed on the right way to implement applications with Ajax, baring in mind those browsers which have the JavaScript disabled. He will give tricks for handling events in different browsers, event delegation, and keyboard accessibility. Also, he will analyze the top-ten DOM compatibility issues.

Furthermore, PPK wants to discuss your technical interests and worries, and he will include some of your suggested topics in his workshop agenda. So, he invites you to send your topics or questions via email (preferable in English), before 13th October.

7 Aug 2008 ...and the Forth in a Row

According to the tradition, the W3C Spain Office, and the Fundación CTIC are pleased to present officially the annual edition of Fundamentos Web, event promoted by the Gobierno del Principado de Asturias. The Fundamentos' forth edition will be held in Gijón, in October 27-28, and will have some novelties from past editions, which are based on the community's suggestion, always reminding the main topics focused on Web design and development with standards. This year, Web business is included in the programme.

One of the novelties is the programme format: it is condensed in two days, and they are divided in specific thematic sessions. During the first day, conferences and panels will be held in parallel tracks. In the next day, there will be two practical workshops. So, attendants will take the opportunity of choosing among the most interesting topics.

This year, there are many international experts on Web design and development with standards such as Jesse James Garrett, or Peter-Paul Koch (PPK), besides the greatest CMS specialists and people successful in their business careers, thanks to the Information and Communication Technologies, most of them are talented people of the national scene.

We will inform punctually about surprises and news of this fourth edition. We hope you will enjoy as in previous years.

12 Jun 2008 Fundamentos Web 2008 is almost Right Here

The Fundamentos Web's site is already public. More information about speakers and talks will be published soon.

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