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Gijón, October 27-28

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In this section you can find a quick guide about how to use this Web site so that it adapts to your needs or preferences. Depending on the browser and the device you use, you can enlarge or reduce the font size of the Web site. There are some keys used to access to the main options of the upper tools menu.

In every section, you can find several recommendations about other sections which might be of interest to you while you are visiting the site.


When the site is accessed by a mobile device, the content is adapted to it. Simple styles are used, but with the same information.

In every page, it is included a top options menu with the main functions of the site. In the lower part, there is a menu with fewer relevant options.

Access Keys

Below, there is a list of the access keys which correspond to each option of the tools menu:

  • 0 - Home
  • 1 - Newsflash
  • 2 - More About...
  • 3 - Contact
  • 4 - Programme
  • 5 - Venue
  • 9 - Accessibility (Mobility)

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